Puppy Owner Classes:

(Also helpful for first-time dog owners, or those who are planning to get a new puppy or adult dog, but don't have it yet)
Meets from 8-10 pm in the following locations:

Thousand Oaks area - First Monday of each month
Oxnard area - Second Monday of each month.


  • Your puppy's personality and what to expect;
  • How puppies learn;
  • Ways to change your dog's behavior;
  • Housebreaking;
  • Chewing;
  • Biting;
  • Jumping up;
  • Socialization;
  • Planning your pet's areas;
  • Tips on pet supplies; and
  • Other suggestions to make life easier for all of you.
Don't forget to bring a picture of your pup to share, and lots of questions!

Class is for owners only, no puppies, please.

Nina age 3 months

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Crate-training is a great tool for getting puppies off to a good start. Here's a step-by-step method so that your pup will love his crate.