Dog Access Accessories
Most small dogs love to sleep with their owners. Dachshunds and other long-bodied dogs have a strong tendency to develop serious back problems. Jumping down from furniture can strain their backs.

A solution for this is a dog access accessory such as a ramp. Using a treat, dogs will learn how to go up and down the ramp very quickly.
Dog Ramp

Here is an elegant solution made by hobby woodworker and dachshund owner Stephen Case-Pall.

This furniture-quality dog ramp matches the bed, so it doesn't stand out as a plastic ramp would, and it is much stronger and more stable than a pile of pillows or a bean bag chair. The ramp is made out of oak plywood, carpeted, with a railing and a flat platform at the top for the dogs to stand on.

If you want more information about this ramp, we'd be happy to answer any questions or help you to make your own.
Couch Step

Trying to keep Kaiser & Nina off the couch proved futile, so a little box was built for them with a carpeted top. A ramp in this case, would not have worked for obvious reasons.

It was stained to match the wooden furniture and blends in nicely. Use of treats and restricting their access to the center with pillows, had the two little Dachshunds using the step in no time.