More on Dog Obedience Classes
You will learn:
  • How to motivate your dog.
  • How to encourage behavior you want by praise and reward.
  • How to correct behavior you do not want.
  • Lots of training techniques, both traditional and new.
  • To understand and enjoy your dog's unique personality.

Kaiser e-mailing K9 Psych to sign up.
Your dog will learn:
  • To LISTEN to you and not be distracted by other dogs.
  • To COME when called.
  • To HEEL: walk beside you on a loose leash.
  • To SIT: on command and automatically when you stop.
  • To LIE DOWN, STAND and STAY in all three positions.
  • To WAIT by doors and gates.
  • Good manners - such as not JUMPING UP on people.
You can use your choice of choke chain, or head-halter such as Gentle Leader or Halti; whatever you and your dog prefer.

Minimum age (no upper limits): Dogs, approximately 20 weeks. Handlers, about 9 years. Service dog puppies, physically challenged handlers and dogs are welcome.