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This site is dedicated to the pets and their owners who were separated by Hurricane Katrina, in the hope that their suffering will inspire us to be better prepared for the next disaster, whatever and whenever it may be.

Every day, our pets depend on us for loving care. In a disaster, they need us even more -- don't evacuate without them!

Blaze and Dan

Part of loving our pets is making sure that when an emergency occurs, we're as prepared as possible to take good care of them. This site offers you some keys to make sure that you and your pets are prepared. Be sure to share this information with your friends!

If you live in Ventura County, California, click Here

A quick quiz:

  • Do you have a family pet emergency preparedness Plan? Who will care for your pets if you are not at home during a disaster?

  • Do you know what you'll need to keep on hand in case of a disaster? You'll need a basic list of Supplies

  • Will your pets go willingly into their crates? Hints on Crate Training will help you.

  • Does each one of your pets have an individual information page? You can print and use our Individual Pet Record form.

  • Is your pet in top form to handle any emergency? You can print and use our Pet Preparedness form to help guide you.

  • How will you mark your house to let rescuers know how many and what kind of pets you have? You can print and fill out our Window Sign.

  • If you're in an accident, how will anyone know you have pets? This Wallet Card can be printed and carried with you at all times.

  • Are your pets microchipped? This is the single most important thing you can do to make sure they come back to you safely. Here is more information on microchips.

  • Do you know where to go for more information? Here are some Links to local and national resources
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