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Pet Emergency Supplies

An important way of preparing your pet to cope with emergencies in comfort and safety!

Make sure you have plenty for each of your pets:

  • Medications (2 weeks' supply)
  • Copies of health records
  • Pet food (dry food, canned food & can opener if needed), at least one week's supply
  • Water (for at least one week)
  • Food/water dishes
  • Pet first aid kit
  • Blankets/towels/bedding
  • Pet carrier(s) with ID tag or secure cage for birds or pocket pets, with ID tag
  • Collar/harness/ID/leash
  • Microchip information
  • Waste disposal bags (dogs)
  • Litterbox and litter/scooper (cats)
  • Toys

(All ID tags should have an out-of-town contact number in addition to home and cell phones)

By thinking ahead, your pets will be safe and comfortable when a disaster happens!